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HMC (the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference) is a professional Association of heads of the world's leading independent schools.

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Immanuel College

Pastoral Structure

Deputy Head Pastoral

The Deputy Head Pastoral has overall responsibility for pupil welfare and oversees the pastoral and disciplinary policies, procedures and structures.

These include Child Protection, Anti-Bullying, Behaviour, E-Safety and all the Pastoral Policies. The Heads of Section meet regularly with the Deputy Head Pastoral to review pupils’ progress and the pastoral structures.

Pastoral Coordinator

The Pastoral Coordinator oversees the day-to-day running of the Pastoral Hub and is always available in the day to speak to parents and pupils.

School Counsellor

The School Counsellor is on hand to guide and help our pupils and parents navigate their way through adolescence and is an integral part of the Pastoral Team.

Heads and Assistant Heads of Section

The Heads and Assistant Heads of Section are all experienced teachers and pastoral leaders.

They are experts in many of the issues that are not classroom based, that can impact both on a pupil’s academic achievement and happiness and have an array of strategies to help pupils cope.

Heads of Section use the information given to them by the tutors and other staff to build an up-to-date picture of how the pupils are progressing. If parents have any concern about their child’s wellbeing, then they should be in touch with the relevant Head of Section immediately. Heads of Section intervene regularly to make sure that pupils are not coasting but excelling and parents are contacted in both cases.

The Form Tutors

The tutors have regular and substantial contact with their tutees.

They see them every morning for tefillah (morning prayers) and morning registration/form period and for Mincha (afternoon prayers) and registration in the afternoon.

  • They also accompany them to House and Section assemblies on a Tuesday and Wednesday;
  • They are responsible for the supervision, guidance and care of the pupils in their Form;
  • They keep records of attendance, academic progress and extra-curricular participation;
  • They are the first port of call for parents and pupils and can help with all sorts of issues, such as lost property, changes in lunches or amendments to coach arrangements and they can also advise on more serious issues and signpost to the most appropriate person, if it is not them;
  • They pick up patterns of behaviour and achievement and encourage, praise or when necessary share concerns with the Heads of Section;
  • Parents will be emailed at the beginning of term with the Form tutor’s email address.

Pastoral responsibilities held by other members of staff:

  • Director of Admissions and Operations: responsible for recruiting students for the school, answering questions from students and parents pertaining to the school and its policies and procedures. The Director helps with all admissions, ensuring the process is as simple as possible and that information flows steadily and effectively between the school system and our parents.
  • Deputy Head Jewish Life & Learning:  responsible for all aspects of Jewish education and life at the school.
  • Assistant Head Timetable & Curriculum: responsible for the construction of curriculum, timetable and staffing.
  • Assistant Head Community & Communication: responsible for Alumni, parental relations and events, Open Days/Evenings, Taster Days, Assemblies, Prize Givings and other public occasions.
  • Assistant Head Operations & Examinations: responsible for overseeing internal and external examinations and school trips.
  • Assistant Head Teaching Quality, Pupil Tracking & Staff Development: responsible for professional development, teacher quality and academic improvement.
  • Heads of Personal Development: responsible for co-ordinating the delivery and content of the Personal Development Programme.
  • Head of Inclusion and Learning Support Department: responsible for helping students with a range of learning difficulties and assisting in the procedures for special arrangements in public examinations.
  • Heads of Department: responsible for his or her subject’s curriculum, staffing and resources.
  • Head of Catering: responsible for providing nutritious meals for all pupils and catering for those with special dietary requirements.
  • First Aid Officer: responsible for administering first aid, medicines, organising vaccination programmes where necessary, liaising with parents of pupils with special medical requirements.
  • Peer Mentor:  responsible for providing advice and information on aspects of study and student life. They help with pupil induction and increase integration between students of different years/courses and are a sounding board for all pupils, helping to signpost them for help if they need it.