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Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarship Awards

When completing the Application Form please indicate on page 2  whether you wish your son or daughter to be considered for any of the Scholarships we offer.

Scholarships will be offered to children who exemplify Academic Excellence, inspiring Jewish Life & Learning, Music and Art and these will be re-awarded throughout the recipient’s school career, subject to satisfactory effort and behaviour.

All candidates for admission sit the College’s entrance examinations in English, Mathematics and Reasoning in December.

Academic Scholarship

All candidates who sit the Entrance Examination will be considered for the Academic Scholarship. Candidates who perform exceptionally strongly in the English, Maths and Reasoning examinations will be reviewed and Academic Scholarships will be awarded to a number of candidates subject to the outcome of their entrance exam results together with their interview and reference. 

Jewish Life & Learning Scholarship

Candidates who perform exceptionally strongly in the optional extra Jewish Life & Learning examination paper will be considered for a Jewish Life & Learning Scholarship.

Jewish Life & Learning scholarships will be awarded to a number of candidates subject to the outcome of their Jewish Life & Learning exam paper results combined with their interview and reference.

Jewish Studies Syllabus

Sample Scholarship Paper OneSample Scholarship Paper Two

Art Scholarships

Immanuel College has a well-established and thriving Art Department. All pupils take Art for the first three years. and many enjoy extra Art sessions at our Art Club. At the end of Year 9, pupils may choose Art as a GCSE option and later, if they wish, proceed to A-Level. Many of our A-Level pupils go on to Art college, St Martins and Chelsea being the most popular choices. 

The first three years in the Art Department are devoted to developing the pupils' abilities in observational drawing, painting, mixed media and 3D work. Pupils are encouraged to research ideas and work creatively. All pupils keep a hard-backed logbook throughout the first three years. This logbook not only reflects the pupils' work and progress but also becomes a work of art. Pupils may keep the logbook when they finish Year 9. 

To qualify for an Art Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate enthusiasm for Art and photography, and should have developed excellent and refined drawing skills and show creativity in handling a variety of media.

Candidates for Art Scholarships are invited to bring portfolios of artwork undertaken in the last two years, and no earlier, to an interview with the Head of Visual Arts. This should include observational drawing, colour studies through any media such as coloured pencils, pastels or paints, exploring photography, textiles and or creative pieces using mixed media. Candidates may include projects carried out within school. Sketchbooks and three-dimensional works are welcome to be bought in. Candidates should be able to show a strong ability to draw from observation and an ability to handle colour through their choice of media.

We shall be looking at the students' potential rather than expecting highly finished work. Scholarships will be re-awarded annually subject to satisfactory effort and behaviour. 

 The value of the Music Scholarship will be given in the offer letter to the candidate. 

Music Scholarships

 Immanuel College has a flourishing Music Department with many activities for budding musicians taking place not just in lesson time, but also before and after school and during lunchtime. 

All pupils take Music for the first three years, and many take additional lessons in singing and musical instruments. We have a fully staffed peripatetic department where students can learn singing, trumpet, drums, guitar, piano and a new addition - woodwind. 

At the end of Year 9, pupils may choose Music as a GCSE option. We also offer Music A Level. 

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), students will learn music appreciation and interpretation in their lessons across several different components including Jewish Music, a set piece, western music eras, music theory and composition. This scheme of work allows students to gain an all-round knowledge of each component and it allows them to use their creative powers to compose their own music. Students are encouraged to work independently and to enable them to do this, we have state of the art software and equipment that they can use in the classroom. The Music First software can also be used at home on any computer. 

Those who are gifted and talented will be given additional opportunities to shine at their given expertise with many concert opportunities during the year and a Performing Arts Festival where students are judged by outside adjudicators and the winners take part in the Festival concert. We also put on an annual school musical with the most recent show, Beauty and the Beast being shown to great acclaim for 5 performances over 3 days in June. 

To qualify for a Music Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate enthusiasm for Music, and show talent and skill, performing two pieces at a separate audition and interview with the Director of Music. The Director of Music will be looking at the candidate’s potential as well as current ability.
 The value of the Music Scholarship will be given in the offer letter to the candidate. 


Anyone is able to apply for a means-tested Bursary.

To enquire about Bursaries, please contact Sarah Greenfield, Head of Admissions and Marketing on sgreenfield@immanuelcollege.co.uk or call 020 8955 8938. 

Please note that scholarships are awarded entirely on academic merit whereas bursaries are means-tested awards.