Sixth Form

The Sixth Form provides an excellent preparation for the challenges of university and the world of employment.  You will have opportunities to explore a range of academic interests, to grow intellectually, and to extend the frontiers of your knowledge.  During this period, you will also acquire new skills, enjoy a lively interchange of ideas and cultivate independent study habits.

The School provides a strong framework of guidance and support, closely monitoring students' progress and advising  on all university options.  Sixth Form students enjoy certain privileges and discharge a number of significant responsibilities.









The study of Advanced Level courses is a demanding option.  In order to make the most of a sixth-form career, and ultimately in order to achieve success, students will need to be self-disciplined, highly motivated, and rigorous in their habits.  There will be much material to assimilate, and students will need to prepare carefully for each lesson and continually consolidate knowledge.

As a young adult entering the Sixth Form, students should be certain that they can fully support the Jewish ethos of the School.  They must maintain the School’s Kashrut requirements and adhere to the dress code.  In addition, they will be required to arrive at School by 8.30 am every day, attend lessons punctually, and to be an active, enthusiastic member of the School community, providing leadership to younger pupils.

During the Pesach Term of Year 11,  the Head Master, Director of Sixth Form and Director of Higher Education meet each applicant for the Sixth Form with his or her parents in order to discuss Advanced Level options and to offer our advice on the subjects that should be explored with Heads of Departments. Before the end of the Pesach Term, students should have a clear idea of which subjects they intend to study in the Sixth Form, subject only to the requirement for 36 points and the relevant grades.

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