Way of Life

Imagine attending one of the top 3% of secondary schools in the UK, measured by the proportion of pupils gaining places at the nation’s 30 leading universities. A school whose pupils thrive on success and where results are excellent, with 95% of its leavers, over the past 3 years, proceeding to the university of their choice.

The pursuit of academic excellence is a defining feature of the Immanuel College Sixth Form. The rigorous yet supportive tuition provided by the school’s expert subject specialists enables students consistently to reach and then extend themselves beyond their academic potential.

Students are not only equipped to achieve excellent A Level results (and, in turn, obtain sought-after places at the UK’s leading universities) but are also encouraged to think independently and to develop their own responses to the material that they study. The ambitious and vibrant culture of the Sixth Form provides a stimulating environment in which students can take intellectual risks, challenge the premises of conventional thought, exchange ideas, and probe beyond the confines of examination syllabuses. Sixth-form students thus grow intellectually in a way that enables them to excel in their A Level studies, preparing them for study at undergraduate level, and equipping them to respond to the challenges of their future careers.

Successful academic results and university offers

Imagine a school where, in the last five years, over one-third of leavers have achieved the top grades (A or A*) in every A Level subject they have taken. A school whose A Level results reflect the strength of the Sixth Form’s commitment to academic excellence. Immanuel College is a school whose academic success was acknowledged by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in its report of March 2010, which noted its A Level results ‘are high in comparison with maintained selective schools’. The school has a deserved reputation for delivering impressive academic results. This was highlighted in a Sutton Trust report, which placed Immanuel College in the top 3% of the nation’s secondary schools in terms of the proportion of its students gaining admission to the leading 30 UK research universities. No other Jewish school features in this list of the 100 ‘elite’ schools dominating university admissions.

A diverse and flexible curriculum

Students at Immanuel enjoy a choice of 24 A Level subjects. They are also supported in their preparation for university admission examinations, such as the BMAT (medicine), LNAT (law) and TSA (required by many Oxford and Cambridge colleges).

Immanuel College’s well-established partnership with the Open University enables Upper Sixth (i.e. Year 13) students to enjoy the unusual opportunity of taking undergraduate modules in conjunction with their A Levels, enabling them both to explore their academic interests more widely and to add lustre to their university applications. Since 2008, 28 Immanuel students have followed OU courses as diverse as ‘Robotics and the Meaning of Life’, ‘Molecules, Medicines and Drugs’, and ‘Leonardo da Vinci’.

Expert individual guidance

Imagine a school whose sixth form has fewer than 15 students for more than 85% of its AS and A Level classes. A place where small class sizes enable subject teachers to monitor students’ academic progress closely and respond to their individual needs.

Imagine a school where teachers spend many hours out of formal lesson times helping individual students master the skills required for examination success.

Imagine a place where students are assessed regularly and parents are frequently updated on students’ academic progress. The school issues formal academic checks or reports every half term, and quickly communicates with parents when an issue pertaining to a student’s academic progress arises at any time during the school year. There is an annual parents’ consultation evening for each year group, and parents are always welcome to discuss their children’s progress with teachers at any time, by telephone, or by appointment.