Way of Life

Life at Immanuel College is not just about the 8.30 to 4.05 school day, the core curriculum subjects and public examinations. Many of the important goals of an Immanuel education are achieved beyond the classroom. Pupils develop stronger and more confident characters and grow into compassionate and responsible adults by helping others both within and outside the school community.

Our pupils are given the support they need to develop the self-belief they need for success in the outside world. Immanuel provides a warm and caring environment in which pupils may ask questions freely and without anxiety.

Pupils acquire an understanding of Jewish values through our Tzedakah, Social Action and Beit Midrash programmes and celebrations of festivals throughout the Jewish Year. They develop a love of Israel through the Israel Trip and informal education programmes and gain knowledge and understanding of Jewish History through trips to York, Israel, France, Spain and Poland.

Our extra-curricular clubs and activities are numerous and varied, broadening pupils’ experiences and adding to their self-confidence.

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