Sixth Form Open Evening

The Sixth Form Open Evening for those wishing to join the Lower Sixth in September 2014 will take place on Tuesday 6th November at 7:30 p.m.  If you would like to pre-register, please click here. For more information about the Sixth Form, please contact Mrs Judith Graham, Director of Sixth Form,

Application procedure for existing Immanuel College pupils

Pupils in Year 11 of Immanuel College are not required to complete an application form or submit a registration fee or deposit. During the Pesach Term, the Head Master and the Director of Sixth Form will meet each Year 11 pupil with his or her parents to discuss A Level options and any issues relating to the transition from Year 11 to the Sixth Form.

In order to enter the Sixth Form, existing Immanuel pupils are required to attain a minimum of 36 points from their GCSEs (an A*=10 points, A=8, B=6, C=4, etc.) and to attain A*-B grades at GCSE in the subjects they wish to study at A Level (A*-A grades in the case of Mathematics).

Application procedure for external applicants

Applications for September 2014 may be submitted at any time during the academic year 2013/14. However, early applications are strongly encouraged, as this increases the likelihood of the applicants’ being offered their first choice of A Level subjects. It may not be possible to offer preferred choice of A Level subjects after 31st March 2014, owing to timetable constraints or to classes having been filled to their maximum capacity.

An Application Form is available to download from the website (see below) and further copies are available from the Admissions department (020-8955 8938). There is a non-refundable registration fee of £100.

Entry requirements for external applicants

An A or A* grade at GCSE is required in the subjects that a candidate wishes to study at A Level. If the candidate is not taking a GCSE in the A Level subject that he or she wishes to study, the entry requirements will be discussed at interview.

Candidates for A Level Art or Music must bring a portfolio of their creative work in these subjects to the interview. Applicants for Art A Level should bring photographs of their GCSE coursework if they are not permitted to take the work out of their present school, and applicants for Music A Level must be prepared to perform on their first instrument or to sing.

All candidates are interviewed. Successful applicants will be offered places at Immanuel College conditional on their GCSE results and an acceptable reference, which will be obtained in confidence from the Head of the pupil’s current school.

Acceptance of places by external applicants

The conditional offer of a place is accepted by the applicant’s parents or guardians by completing and signing the Acceptance Form, which must be accompanied by an Acceptance Deposit of £2,000. If a pupil does not attain the conditions set by the acceptance letter, then the Acceptance Deposit is refundable. If the applicant fulfils the terms of the conditional offer and chooses not to accept the place, a full term’s fees in lieu of notice less the Acceptance Deposit will be immediately due and payable.
If a pupil takes up the place, the Acceptance Deposit will be credited against a pupil’s final (leaving) term. If a pupil is withdrawn on less than a full term’s written notice, or excluded for more than 28 days for non-payment of fees as set out in clause 9.5 of the parent contract, a full term’s fees in lieu of notice less the Acceptance Deposit will be immediately due and payable as a debt.
By signing the Acceptance Form, the parents or guardians agree to comply with Immanuel College’s Rules and Regulations and the Terms and Conditions which accompany the letter of offer. Confirmation that the conditions of the offer have been met is required within 48 hours of the publication of GCSE results.

Sixth Form Prospectus

Please click here to download the current Sixth Form Prospectus

Please click here to download the current Sixth Form information Booklet.

Application Form and CRP

Please download an application form here.

Please download a Certificate of Religious Practice here.

If you have any concerns about completing any of the elements of the Certificate of Religious Practice Form, please feel free to contact Mrs Travers on 020 8950 0604.

Head Master's Tour:

If you would like to visit Immanuel College on a school day, please contact the Head Master’s secretary, Mrs. Jennifer Munitz on 020 8950 0604 to arrange a tour.