Immanuel College


Two life-changing and essential trips are run directly from the JS department: the Immanuel College Israel Trip in Year 9 and the Immanuel College Poland Trip in Year 12. 

ICIT is a 24 days long trip where Israel is explored and enjoyed in a unique, fun and educational way which is quite succinctly often described as "life-changing" by the pupils. They mature emotionally, spiritually and socially on this excellent trip, which has become a vital part of the Immanuel experience.

The Poland trip is a powerful and uplifting experience where the students are confronted with both the horrors of the Holocaust but also the richness of what was such a phenomenal, diverse and significant Jewish community in Poland. Pupils often return from this trip with an important and significant reassessment of true and genuine values, both Jewish and general. 

All of our other school trips contain essential elements of Jewish and Zionistic interest, reflecting the ethos of our school. The Amsterdam Trip in Year 7 for example visits the Anne Frank home; the Paris trip in Year 8 visits the Somme Memorial and the Strasbourg trip in Year 10 visits the Struthof Concentration Camps.