Immanuel College

Physical Education

Physical Education at Immanuel College has a major role in encouraging students to develop positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. We aim to promote a sense of enjoyment for physical education by giving pupils the opportunity to experience a number of different sporting activities.

The Physical Education Department aims to encourage pupils to lead an active and healthy lifestyle while giving them the opportunity to participate in sport. Competition is offered both in the curriculum and extra-curricular programme with opportunities to represent Immanuel in both team and individual sports. The Department has an ethos of sport for all but still has a focus of being competitive in all sports competitions.

Physical Education is taught in single sex groups in Years 7-9 and the pupils follow a core curriculum of invasion and net / wall games, fitness, gymnastics, athletics and dance. The lessons focus on developing the key skills as well as thinking tactically and creatively. The pupils have 4 lessons of physical education a week. 

The iGCSE syllabus provides learners with an opportunity to study both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. It is designed to encourage enjoyment in physical activity by providing learners with an opportunity to take part in a range of physical activities and develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance. This helps learners to develop an appreciation of the necessity for sound understanding of the principles, practices and training that underpin improved performance, better health and well-being.

A Level specifications in Physical Education encourage learners to improve as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with curious and enquiring minds. A Level PE requires pupils to have a basic understanding of the scope of different areas in physical education. Pupils will be practically assessed in two sports of their choice. 

There is an extensive extra-curricular programme run during lunch times and after school. This includes netball, basketball, badminton, dance, football, athletics, tennis, dodgeball, table tennis, fitness, trampolining, rounders and cricket. In addition we offer an extensive fixture list throughout the year, competing in friendly matches, local leagues and tournaments, county tournaments and national competitions.