Immanuel College


Photography as a curriculum subject has been growing rapidly, nationwide.  At Immanuel College, the subject is taught in an innovative and inspiring way, starting in Years 7 and 9, and leading into GCSE and A-Level, with very impressive results.

Photography is taught in small mixed ability groups. We aim to teach students both the technical aspects of the medium, as well as developing their contextual studies and visual perception. Digital resources in Photography include 20 iMacs, four MacBooks, compact cameras, SLR cameras with various lenses, and four photographic printers. Teaching staff includes a full-time Head of Department, teacher-technician, and 3 part time members of staff. Work is promoted around the campus through exciting displays, and the ambitious end of year Art and Photography Show.

In Years 7 and 9 the Photography curriculum provides pupils with the opportunity to acquire confidence and expertise in the use of digital compact cameras, and develop basic Photoshop skills. It engages students in projects that stimulate creativity and enhance design skills. 


YEAR 10 /11 (COURSEWORK)                                                                                                                                                                 
Unit 1: PRACTICAL PORTFOLIO - IDENTITY                                                                            (60% of GCSE)
Unit 2: EXAMINATION                                                                                                                  (40% of GCSE)


A-Level Photography is taught in groups of 6/7 or less. Independent learning and one-to-one teaching.

Course Details – 2-YEAR LINEAR A-Level – BOARD OCR
YEAR 12                                                                                                                                         (COURSEWORK = 60%)                                                                                                                                                            
Unit 1A: PRACTICAL PORTFOLIO - IDENTITY                                                                         (48% of GCE)
Unit 1B: RELATED STUDY ESSAY                                                                                              (12% of GCE)
YEAR 13                                                                                                                                          (EXAM = 40%)
Unit 2:  EXAMINATION                                                                                                                 (40% of GCE)                                      

Students leave us in the sixth form having reached a level of excellence that fully equips them for a future in the photographic field. Many have entered esteemed art, media, and photographic courses, or undertaken highly credible positions in the photographic or media industries.

We provide an extensive range of extra-curricular activities at lunchtimes and after school which give students opportunities to develop their subject skills. In Year 7 we run a lunch club, and at GCSE and A-Level lunch and after school sessions. We have run GCSE day- trips to locations such as Brighton in order to do photo shoots and visit exhibitions. We run an annual A-Level trip into London to visit galleries and do photo shoots, as well as an overseas trip to give pupils the opportunity to produce imagery in richly diverse cultural contexts. This year we visited Malaga and Gibraltar for an exciting educational tour.