Immanuel College


There is a no tolerance policy to bullying at Immanuel College.

“Bullying is conduct intended to cause hurt either physically or psychologically, which is unprovoked and which continues over a long period.” It may be further defined as the deliberate and repeated attempt to humiliate, threaten, frighten or hurt someone.

Persistent bullying can severely inhibit a child’s ability to learn effectively and can have a lasting impact on a person forever. Immanuel College always prioritises providing a secure and happy environment free from any type of bullying behaviour. Our policy outlines our expectations of all members of the Immanuel community to ensure that pupils feel secure, valued and happy, both in and outside of school. Our NICE mentality is publicised from the moment our pupils join the school and pupils are regularly reminded of our commitment to it.

We recognise that the Internet, whilst in so many ways a wonderful tool, can facilitate cyber-bullying and nefarious grooming. It is therefore essential that they learn to discern what is safe and what is not, what is genuine and what is fraudulent, what to ignore and what to take note of, what to delete and what to save. Most importantly, they need to feel they can always come to their teachers and know that they will help them.