Immanuel College

Pastoral Structure

At Immanuel College Preparatory School the happiness and welfare of every pupil is of the utmost importance. Both teaching and non- teaching staff work together to ensure that "children feel safe and secure and quickly establish good, trusting relationships.They are provided with secure foundations for future learning and well-being. The adults and key people working with the children know them well".

The pastoral care of the children in the Preparatory School is the responsibility of all the adults who work with the children, in all the classes from Reception to Year 6. This involves class teachers, teaching assistants, specialist subject teachers and support staff, under the guidance of the Head of the Preparatory School, Mrs Alexis Gaffin. Mrs Beth Kerr, Deputy Head Pastoral of Immanuel College supports the Preparatory School staff as needed, working with Mrs Gaffin to ensure that the well-being of every child is at the centre of everything that is done in the Preparatory School.