Immanuel College

Media Studies

Media Studies at Immanuel College is designed to provide a comprehensive and integrated coverage of media theory and practice with special emphasis on emerging technologies. Both audiences and producers are covered as consumers of media texts.  We enable students to explore a wide variety of media, including digital media technologies, drawing on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media: texts, industry and audiences. The course encourages creative work and personally develops production skills. The department has a dedicated editing suite with cameras and filming equipment.

In Year 12, the department aims to develop media literacy and students' capacity to communicate this understanding via media technology and in the written form. The introductory module outlines the key concepts of Media Studies across the three media platforms of Broadcasting, Print & E-media and learning media text analysis.

The main exam topic is an in-depth investigation into a media industry using case studies on a cross-media platform basis. The investigations feed into students' practical productions, which are a substantial undertaking. In Year 13, the students develop their understanding of media institutions, audiences, representations and media practices and undertake a written investigation into an area of the media of their choice, which is supported by a linked practical production. The course leads to careers in journalism, marketing, advertising or public relations. Having an awareness of how the world of media works will also support other careers, such as social work, education, law, and medicine. By knowing how the media operates in our society, future generations will be able to decode media text more skilfully and engage with topics that are compelling aspects of tomorrow’s world.

Extra curricular activites include study days out to BFI and Media Magazine student conference.