Immanuel College

Key Stage 2

September 2014 will see the opening of our first Key Stage 2 class, and we will develop each subsequent year. In addition to the subjects taught in Key Stage 1, namely Maths and Literacy, Art and Design & Technology, History & Geography, IT, Ivrit, Jewish Studies, Music, Personal Development and P.E, the children in Year 3 will begin to study French, taught by a specialist teacher.

We believe that if pupils are intellectually stimulated, then their curiosity and love of learning develop naturally. Our curriculum therefore will continue to include opportunities for the children to ask as well as answer questions and to develop independence in their learning. Children will learn in whole class sessions, small group work, with a partner and at times on their own. Homework will be set that reinforces the learning of the school day and allows time to extend the interests and knowledge of the children.

As in Key Stage 1 assessment will be an ongoing process, incorporated into the structure of the learning week. Teachers will check on the children's skills, knowledge and understanding as the lesson goes along. This will ensure that they can give individuals help if needed, re-explain aspects to the class if necessary and adjust plans for the next lesson to make sure that all the children learn systematically; assessment is a means of informing future planning rather than a summary of progress. The regular marking of class and home work will help teachers assess the children's skills and development and the children will receive feedback on their performance and progress through a system called Two stars and a wish; two statements of positive feedback and a target. Children will have individual targets set for them in Maths and Literacy and as they meet them new ones will be added.

Parents have regular informal updates from the teachers as well as attending Parents' Evenings during the first and second terms and receiving a written report at the end of the final term.